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Something new is happening in 2012 we will have Tuesday night Storytimes @ 6:00. The library will close at 7:30 Monday through Thursday starting in January.

So Many authors, were to begin! I thought I would do monthly birthdays. Find a book from one of these authors or a book about a famous person who’s birthday falls in one of the months!

January and February Author Birthday’s:


Jan. 3rd J. R. R. Tolkien  He wrote The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings 

Jan. 4th Louis Braille He invented the Braille writting system for people who can’t see. Pick up a book about him and find out that he was blind himself!

Jan. 4th Jacob Grimm He and his brother wrote the Grimm Fairy Tales.

Jan. 18th A. A. Milne Author of all the wonderful Winnie-the-Pooh stories

Jan. 12th Jack London If You Like outdoor adventure try

Jan. 17th Ben Franklin Come find a book about Ben and find out how many diffrent inventions he thought of!

Jan. Lewis Carroll He wrote about Alice following a white rabbit down a hole! Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass


 Feb 5th Hank Aaron - A famous baseball player look his up and find out what record he broke!

Feb. 7 Laura Ingalls Wilder All the ‘Little House’ books about growing up in the 1800′s

Feb. 11th Thomas Alva Edison- He invented sooo many things but the light bulb was one of the best!

 ***Of course George Washington and Abe Lincoln were born this month. There are many books about them of course,  If you like history these two men where alive at two very exciting points in our nations history. Check them out!

Feb. 26th Levi Strauss He went west with the gold rush and made his fortune.





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