New Materials


The highly anticipated novel by Harper Lee “Go Set A Watchman” has been released. It contains the characters from Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” and begins when twenty-six year old Jean Louise Finch-“Scout” returns from New York to visit her father in Macomb Alabama. Taking place during the time of civil rights and political tensions, Jean Louise learns disturbing truths about her family and the community she grew up in.

The first Christmas novel for the season is out! “Wishes For Christmas” is written by Fern Michaels. She brings together the heroines from two of her series, the “Sisterhood” and the “Godmothers” to create a holiday that will be remembered forever. The holiday season will hold surprises with a promise that will make future Christmases sweeter yet.


“Diabetes Good Food Choices: More Than 100 Delicious, Nutritious Recipes Suitable For People With Diabetes And Everyone Else!” by Ruby M. Brown is a book that not only contains recipes, but has the nutritional information that is important to people who need to monitor their food intake. There is one additional bonus to the book…it is in a large print format for easier reading.

DK Publishers, the book publisher that makes beautifully illustrated books has another offering. “Super Shark Encyclopedia And Other Creatures Of The Deep” is a book that offers many facts and photos of sea dwelling creatures. Some of the titles listed include: “Animal Athletes, Meet The Best Swimmers”, “Amazing Anatomy”, “Life Stories”.


“The Art Of Neil Gaiman” by Hayley Campbell features the story of a man who wears many hats. The man who made his name in comics also has an extensive resume in films, literature and radio. He wrote “The Graveyard Book”, “Coraline”, “Crazy Hair” and “Dr. Who”. The book showcases his journey by hitting upon his experiences he’s had while creating his specific works.





The Oregon Trail, A New American Journey” by Rinker Buck is not the chronicle of a journey of weathered pioneers from a bygone era. It is the author’s account of a grand adventure he had with his brother, three cantankerous mules, and a Jack Russell terrier named Olive Oyl. Buck also sprinkles in history and information that shatters some of the myths about the trail. Read about the trail that supported the largest land migration in history.


Google has effected the internet on many levels; judging from the latest book they also are innovative in their work philosophy. “Work Rules” by Laszlo Bock gives insights into the work culture of Google and shares how it can transform the work place. He draws upon the latest research in behavioral economics to topple the conventional wisdom of work.



“The Deluxe Food Lover’s Companion” contains more than 72,000 entries and many illustrations that deal with food. It covers cooking tools and techniques, various aspects and characteristics of food, in addition to a cocktail glossary plus much more food related information. A good reference book for those who are curious about food.

The Cold War never ended, it just went high tech. “How To Catch A Russian Spy: The True Story Of An American Civilian Turned Double Agent” tells the story of Naveed Jamali. His adventure began post-college when he wanted to, with no previous experience, wanted to become a double agent. Armed with knowledge he gained from television or detective novels and cunning, he charmed the Russian and American agencies into making him a spy. Learn about the coded messages sent on Craigslist, meetings at Hooters in addition to many other oddities that are encountered by a modern-day spy.

“Redeploymeimages.jpg1nt” by Phil Klay is a National Book Award Winner, the book is fiction and it is a collection of short stories that are founded in contemporary conflicts, from Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Some of the titles include: “Money As Weapons System”, “Prayer In The Furnace”, Frago”, “After Action Report”, “OIF”.

“American Wife: Love, War, Faith, And Renewal” is the memoir written Taya Kyle, wife of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle. Taya shares photos, emails and memories of her life, especially those she had with her Navy SEAL husband.

Elon Musk is an innovative man who has changed the landscape of business through his futuristic vision. He is the man behind Paypal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar City. The biography that tells his story is “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, And The Quest For A Fantastic Future” by Ashlee Vance.

“It’s A Long Story My Life” by Willie Nelson tells the story of the popular country singer/songwriter. He tells the tale of growing up in Texas, selling vacuum cleaners, how he made it in the music industry and his travels throughout the world.



From the author of “Shotgun Lovesongs” Nickolas Butler comes “Beneath The Bonfire”, a collection of stories. Some of the titles include: “The Chainsaw Soiree”, “Rainwater”, “Morels”, “Leftovers” and “Apples” to name a few. This book contains a Midwestern flair that the author is known for.

Just in time for summer! A book by Nancy Thayer (“Island Girl”, “Summer Breeze”, “Heat Wave”). “The Guest Cottage” features Sophie Anderson, a thirty-six year old mother of two. When her husband announces he wants a divorce, she moves with her children to a cottage in Nantucket. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the cottage has also been rented to Trevor Black, a widowed father who is left raising his young son. Will Sophie and Trevor share more than the vacation cottage when summer is over?

tim-gunn-the-natty-professor-9781476780061_hrTim Gunn: The Natty Professor, A Master Class On Mentoring, Motivating And Making It Work” by Tim Gunn is the latest offering from the Project Runway mentor. He offers personal accounts of teachable moments in his life in addition to some dish on celebrity encounters.