New Materials

Sophie Kinsella (author of the Shopaholic Series) has Becky Brandon moving to Hollywood with her husband, Luke and her two year old daughter Minnie. Luke’s PR firm put him in charge of the account of Sage Seymour, a famous actress. Becky looks forward to the opportunity to be the stylist to the star and having her Hollywood dreams come true. But will they? Find out in “Shopaholic To The Stars”.

The women of Bliss County are ready for the world! “The Marriage Pact” by Linda Lael Miller is the newest in a series of books that takes place in Bliss County Wyoming. Hadleigh Stevens and her friends made a pact on their way to finding Mr. Right. Tripp Galloway returns to Bliss County to save his ailing father’s ranch. He’s not looking for another wife, but if he meets up with Hadleigh he won’t let her go.

Diana Palmer has another book with a Western flair “Wyoming Strong” features Wolf Patterson and Sara Brandon, archenemies from ages ago. Mischievous fate might bring them together, creating what they both want the most, a family.

“The Counterfeit Heiress” is a “Lady Emily Mystery” written by Tasha Alexander (“And Only To Deceive”, “A Poisoned Season”, “A Fatal Waltz”, “Tears Of Pearl”). The story is set in the late 1800’s and begins with a masquerade ball and a murder. Lady Emile finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation. When one of the guests tries to pass as heiress Estella Lamar and ends up murdered. It’s questioned as to who the intended victim was; the actress or the heiress.

Another mystery story that takes during the same time frame is by Will Thomas (“Kingdom Come”). The story takes place in Victorian London. “Some Danger Involved” introduces us to detective Cyrus Barker and his assistant Thomas Llewelyn. Their first case involves the gruesome murder of a scholar in London’s Jewish ghetto. As they get closer to the truth behind the murder, Thomas finds himself drawn deeper into the world of vigilante detective work.

Alex Cross returns…”Hope To Die” is the latest Alex Cross mystery by James Patterson. The Washington D.C. detective who devoted his life to protecting others finds himself at the mercy of Thierry Mulch, a madman who abducted Cross’s family and is threatening to kill them one by one. Mulch is using Cross as a guinea pig in his experiment of good versus evil. Mulch wants to use his methods to create the perfect killer…Alex Cross.
Janet Evanovich has a new Fox and O’Hare novel they are about to drive each other crazy…again. The two go on a globe-trotting adventure to find the world’s most wanted felon, the leader of a global drug smuggling empire. The main hold back is, nobody knows what he looks like. It could be Fox and O’Hares biggest win…if they survive!
“The Escape” is the latest John Puller novel by David Baldacci, the person he’s tracking is perhaps the most brilliant as of yet. It’s his own brother, Robert. He dared to escape from the prison that other’s never considered. He was convicted of treason and other military crimes, but as John gets closer he realizes his brother might be innocent.

“Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult features Jenna Metcalf, a woman who has never stopped thinking about her mother, Alice who mysteriously disappeared following a tragic accident. Refusing to believe she was abandoned, Jenna searches her mother’s journals for clues to her whereabouts. Jenna enlists the help of a well-known psychic and the private detective who initially worked Alice’s case. As with all of Picoult’s novels it ends with a twist.
Alexander McCall Smith has a new “No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Novel”. In “The Handsome Man’s De Luxe Café’” the agency has to help a client “find herself”. A brother and sister have taken in a woman with no memory of her name or how she got to Botswana. It is up to the staff of the agency to discover the woman’s identity.
“Revival” is the newest by master of suspense fiction Stephen King. The story takes place in a small New England town, Jamie Morton meets Charles Jacobs, the local minister. When tragedy strikes the Jacob family, Charles uses the pulpit to rail against his faith. When Jamie is in his mid-thirties the men meet again, both with demons of their own and a bond that goes beyond the Devil’s devising.

The Christmas books keep coming in! They Include: “Snowfall” by Shelley Shepard Gray, “An Amish Christmas Quilt” by Charlotte Hubbard, Kelly Long, and Jennifer Beckstrand, “An Island Christmas” by Nancy Thayer, “The 13th Gift” by Joanne Huist Smith.

grayJohn Grisham has a new “lawyer book” out; this one features Samantha Kofer, a Wall Street lawyer who gets downsized by the recession. As a result she takes a legal aid job in hopes she’ll get her old job back in one year. The small town she finds herself practicing in is full of many secrets; eventually she finds herself in the middle of deadly litigation. Read about it in “Gray Mountain”.

“Pegasus” is the latest by Danielle Steel!pegasus


Tdickalk show host Dick Cavett welcomed figures from film, movies, music, theater, comedy and literature to his show daily. He engaged in conversation many of the leading figures of his time all held in our living room. “Brief Encounters: Conversations, Magic Moments, And Assorted Hijinks” is his autobiography in which many some of those moments are relived.

The new Christmas novels are arriving daily at the library. Books include: “Christmas At Rose Hill Farm” by Suzanne Woods Fisher, “A Quilt For Christmas” by Sandra Dallas, “Winter Street” by Elin Hilderbrand, “The Christmas Light” by Donna VanLiere, “When The Snow Falls” by Fern Michaels, Nancy Bush, Rosanna Chiofalo, and Lin Stepp, “Choir Of Angels” by Debbie Macomber, “Our First Christmas” by Mary Burton, Mary Carter, and Cathy Lamb. These are only a few of the new Christmas books, more are coming in daily, including nonfiction.

“America Farm To Table: Simple, Delicious Recipes Celebrating Local Farmers” is the latest offering from celebrity chef Mario Batali. Profiles of various farmers from throughout the United States are interspersed with recipes.

Coco Chanel is perhaps one of the most iconic fashion designer of her time. “Mademoiselle” by Rhonda K. Gare tells Chanel’s story and how she transformed the way women dressed. Raised in poverty, Chanel interwove the personal, political and professional to create her successful fashion entity.

“Smoke Get In Your Eyes & Other Lessons From The Crematory” by Caitlin Doughty , the title says it all!

“How Google Works” by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg shares some of the business secrets that helped make the company successful. It covers such topics as: “Lessons Learned”, “Culture”, “Strategy”, “Talent”, “Decisions”, “Communication” and “Innovation”. The authors emphasize that in the present business climate, companies should hire “smart-creative” people and give them the atmosphere to thrive. bombers

Aviation history enthusiasts might enjoy “An Illustrated Guide To Bombers Of World Wars I And II” by Francis Crosby. The book contains a directory of bombers from 1914 through the time of the atomic raids. There are many photos to help identify the planes from all over the world, not just the United States.


“The Innocent Killer” by Michael Griesbach is a story of local interest. It is the story of Steven Avery, the man who was released as a result of a wrongful conviction, only to be convicted of murder on a later date. The book displays the inner workings of the criminal justice system and how it affects the lives of those in it. Griesbach is still a prosecuting attorney in Manitowoc County.

Just in time for Halloween is the Kay Hooper (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit) novel, “Haunted”. The book takes place in the small Georgia town of Sociable where Melanie James finds herself in the middle of a paranormal nightmare and murder. Trinity Nichols, a local law enforcement agent and FBI agents must work together to solve a series of disturbances that will change their small town.