New Materials


Aviation history enthusiasts might enjoy “An Illustrated Guide To Bombers Of World Wars I And II” by Francis Crosby. The book contains a directory of bombers from 1914 through the time of the atomic raids. There are many photos to help identify the planes from all over the world, not just the United States.

Readers with an interest in the genre of science fiction /fantasy might find “Indistinguishable Magic” by Catherynne M. Valente of interest. The book contains more than 60 essays in which the author shares observations and insights about fairy tales and myths, pop culture, gender and race issues and more.


“Oodles Of Crochet 40+ Patterns From Hats, Jackets, Bags, And Scarves To Potholders Pillows, Rugs and Throws” by Wincent & Paula Hammerskog contains patterns for every type of project. In addition, they pay homage to the classic granny square!

“The Innocent Killer” by Michael Griesbach is a story of local interest. It is the story of Steven Avery, the man who was released as a result of a wrongful conviction, only to be convicted of murder on a later date. The book displays the inner workings of the criminal justice system and how it affects the lives of those in it. Griesbach is still a prosecuting attorney in Manitowoc County.

Just in time for Halloween is the Kay Hooper (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit) novel, “Haunted”. The book takes place in the small Georgia town of Sociable where Melanie James finds herself in the middle of a paranormal nightmare and murder. Trinity Nichols, a local law enforcement agent and FBI agents must work together to solve a series of disturbances that will change their small town.



Fans of Science Fiction will be glad to hear that Kim Harrison has completed the final book in the “Hollows Series”. “The Witch With No Name” is the end result of ten years and thirteen adventures. During that time Rachel Morgan has come a long way; she’s faced vampire, werewolves, banshees, witches and soul-eating demons. In this, her final adventure, she must risk everything to save the soul of her best friend Ivy.


Liane Moriarty’s (The Husband’s Secret) latest book follows the lives of three women, each at a crossroad. “Big Little Lies” features Madeline, Celeste and Jane, all three are mothers with children who must navigate lives that contain husbands, second wives, sons, daughters and schoolyard scandal.


city“City Of Lies: Love, Sex, Death, And The Search For Truth In Tehran” by Ramita Navai takes the reader up and down Vali Asr Street, Tehran’s main thoroughfare. Navai gives voice to several Iranians who contradict their societies’ norms in order to survive. The extraordinary lives are those of a porn star, an aging socialite, the assassin, the enemy of the state who works for the Republic, a housewife who files for divorce and an old-time thug who runs a gambling den. See how people survive in the light of contradictions.

“Blaze Orange: Whitetail Deer Hunting In Wisconsin” by Travis Dewitz is published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. The book tells the story, mainly through photos, the tradition of deer hunting in Wisconsin. Dewitz rides along with hunters, game wardens, owners of bars, mom-and –pop stores, taxidermists, butchers and sausage makers.

“Never Turn Your Back On An Angus Cow: My life As A Country Vet” by Jan Pol gives us a vets-eye view of the of the world of animals. The old school vet will share unexpected adventures faced by animals and their people. Pol is the star of the National Geographic TV Series “The Incredible Dr. Pol”.




“The Way Forward” by Paul Ryan outlines his political vision of conservatism for our nation. The congressman from Wisconsin examines the state of the Republican Party and its challenges in going forward. He also includes his personal story, from his childhood in Janesville to his tenure in Washington.

one yard wonders
“Little One-Yard Wonders” by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins contains patterns for clothes, toys and accessories that can be made for babies and children with one yard of fabric. The instructions and patterns are given for 101 sewing projects. This is the book to check out if you want to make a one of a kind gift.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips (“The Great Escape”, “Call Me Irresistible”, “What I Did For Love”, “Glitter Baby”) has a new offering. “Heroes Are My Weakness” features Anne Hewitt, a down–on-her-luck actress who has resorted to doing puppet shows as a means of support. When a snowstorm strands her on Peregrine Island with her suitcase of puppets and romance novel, she runs into the man at Harp House. He was the man who betrayed her as a teenager; the man who she doesn’t know if she can forgive.miracle

Sarah Loudin Thomas is an author new to our library. “Miracle In A Dry Season” is set in West Virginia in 1954. Perla Long moves to the town of Wise, where she hopes to go unnoticed, hiding the mistakes of her past. When a drought hits the town, she is drawn into the turmoil. Casewell Phillips, resigned himself to the life of a bachelor…until he met Perla.

best supporting
When Sarah Green’s gambling-addict husband dies and leaves her penniless to raise their two children, she finds herself seeking firm financial footing. She finds herself dating an accountant and working at a non-emergency crime help line. But when her aunt suddenly dies, leaving Sarah her once famous lingerie shop, she decides to try to make a go of it. Her choices stir up her once quiet life. Read about it in “The Best Supporting Role” by Sue Margolis ( “Coming Clean”, “A Catered Affair”, “Forget Me Knot”).




“Mimagesorocco” by Lonely Planet offers in depth information including a pull-out map of Marrakesh, local secrets and planning advice to help make the trip memorable.

From Eyewitness Travel “Jerusalem, Israel, Petra & Sinai” contains 790 photographs, pull out city map and 30 illustrations. The specific areas of the city are color coded to include “The Muslim Quarter”, “The Jewish Quarter”, “The Christian And Armenian Quarters”, “The Mount Of Olives And Mount Zion”, “Modern Jerusalem” and more.
Both of these books are excellent resources for planning a trip or researching a region.

“The Summer Girls” is the latest of “The Lowcountry Summer Trilogy” by Mary Alice Monrosummer girlse (“The Summer Wind”, “Beach House Memories”, “Girl In The Mirror”). The story is set on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, the ancestral summer home of Marietta Muir. Three granddaughters discover the treasures of life during their three month visit to the island.

“Understories” by Tim Horvath is a collection of short stories that take place in an urban setting. In his work, Horvath exhibits his creativity and unique perspective. Most stories do not understoriesexceed 10 pages in length, which make it a good choice for those who like to read a little and pick up later.

lisette'sFrom Susan Vreeland, the author of “Girl In Hyacinth Blue” comes “Lisette’s List”. The story takes place in 1937 France. Lisette Roux leaves her home in Paris to take care of her husband’s grandfather, Pascal, in a village in Provence. Pascal sold pigments and frames to painters, sometimes in exchange for paintings. When the war breaks out, Pascal’s paintings are hidden for safe keeping in the French countryside. The rise of the Germans and Vichy France inspire Lisette to make it her work to find the pictures that are hidden.