New Materials


“No Safe Secret” by Fern Michaels features Molly, a woman of status.  She’s married to a wealth cosmetic dentist, lives in an exclusive neighborhood and has exceptional children.  However, there is a secret that she left in Florida that threatens her pristine life.


Beverly Lewis offers a book that originates in Lancaster County.  The mistakes of the past haunt Lucy Flaud, now she’s twenty-five and past Amish courting age.  She meets an “Englischer” who is looking for a simpler way of life. Will things work for them?  Read about it in “The Atonement”.


Linda Lael Miller is introducing a new series; it is the “Carsons Of Mustang Creek”.  “Once A Rancher” is the first book and it takes place In Bliss County, Wyoming.  The “queen of Western romance” weaves a story worthy of the title.

gloryThere is a new book that is getting a lot of attention. It is written by Kathleen Grissom, author of “The Kitchen House” it’s a sequel, “Glory Over Everything: Beyond The Kitchen House”.  The main character, Jamie Pyke a southern slave, is living a life of a wealthy white aristocrat living in Philadelphia.  His secret identity is threatened when he wants to return to the south to help two of his friends escape via the Underground Railroad.


“Darkness” by Karen Robards features Dr. Gina Sullivan a renowned ornithologist, who is on a research study on the remote island of Attu , Alaska.  Things get interesting when a jet plane falls out of the sky and crashes in the water a few feet away from the boat she’s in.  When the survivors are rescued, it is apparent that the crash wasn’t an accident at all.


Lisa Scottoline offers up a suspenseful read.  “Most Wanted” begins with Christine and Marcus Nilsson are unable to conceive a child.  They decide to select a donor, and two months later Christine is pregnant.  Imagine her surprise when, on the evening news there’s a murderer being arrested who has an uncanny resemblance to the donor.


Fans of science fiction have a new selection from R.A. Salvatore.  “Maestro” is book 2 in the “Homecoming” series (“Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms”).  Drizzt is going home to Menzoberranzan.  Something terrible has come to the City Of Spiders, something that is leaving death and destruction in its wake.

Donna Leon has a new “Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery, “awateraThe Waters Of Eternal Youth” is the twenty-fifth book in the series. It has the inspector drawn to the case that might not be one at all.

“Off The Grid” is a “Joe Pickett Novel” by C.J. Box that has the Red Desert of Wyoming as it’s backdrop. The game warden and his friend Nate must deal with a special operations force and domestic terrorists to mention a few challenges.

“Private Paris” by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan has Jack Morgan fighting for the most powerful people in Paris.

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Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of “The Deep End Of The Ocean” offers “Two If By Sea”, a story that features Frank, a man who saves a boy with special powers.

Danielle Steele, a continual favorite, has “Property Of A Noblewoman” a story about a woman who left a safety deposit box full of jewels with no heir. See how the mystery unravels as the true owner of the treasure is found.

Science Fiction-Fantasy fans can enjoy “Fire Touched, A Mercy Thompson Novel” by Patricia Briggs and another series novel by Christine Feehan, “Dark Promises, A Carpathian Novel”.10

“Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox: Reprogram Your Body For Rapid Weight Loss And Amazing Health” by William Davis works in conjunction with the other “Wheat Belly” books to help people remove wheat and grains from their diets.

“Thirty Million Words, Building A Child’s Brain, Tune In Talk More Take Turns” by Dana Suskind shares the secret to “nurturing the brain to optimum intelligence and stability”. It explains the most important things parents can do for their children to build their brains.



“Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things” by Jenny Lawson is a biographical work in which the author shares with humor her experiences in dealing with her mental health issues. Her insights indicate that people should accept their oddities and foibles with joy, as a part of who they are.

“Infectious Madness” by Harriet A. Washington takes a look at the connection between germs and mental illness and how we can protect ourselves.



“The Vitamix Cookbook: 250 Delicious Whole Food Recipes To Make In Your Blender” by Jodi Berg shares information on how to implement whole foods into your diet including chopping vegetables for a savory soup, making fresh nut butters, mixing your own flours and making bread dough. It also includes the standards of fresh juices, nut milks and smoothies.

Tired of the same old veggies? Michael Anthony offers “V Is For Vegetables: Inspired Recipes & Techniques For Home Cooks From Artichokes To Zucchini”. In addition to offering recipes, this book also has beautiful illustrations to inspire the reader.

“The Elimination Diet: Discover The Foods That Are Making You Sick And Tired- And Feel Better Fast” by Alissa Segersten And Tom Malterre offers information that makes it easy for people to customize their diets for improved health.

“Less Medicine More Health: 7 Assumptions That Drive Too Much Medical Care” by Dr. H. Gilbert Welch offers information to help us avoid unnecessary tests, drugs surgeries and anxiety associated with overdiagnosis.

“Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox” by William Davis offers a program offers a detoxification process from the toxic effects of wheat and grains. It draws upon the wisdom of the “Wheat Belly” books.

Rebecca Deurlein author of “Teenagers 101: What A Top Teacher Wishes You Knew About Helping Your Kid Succeed” offers insights into the teenager’s world at school and how they can best be guided through their time of transition.

“Yell Less, Love More” by Sheila McCraith, creator of The Orange Rhino Challenge, includes a 30-Day Guide that offers: “100 Alternatives To Yelling, Simple Daily Steps To Follow, and Honest Stories To Inspire”.

“The Diabetes Reset: Avoid It. Control it. Even Reverse It. A Doctor’s Scientific Program” by George L. King is a twelve week program that claims it can help you reset you glucose levels in pre-diabetic or type 2 patients.

Another program based book is “The Biggest Loser Boot Camp; it is an eight week weight program developed by the experts and trainers of “The Biggest Loser”.

“The Gluten Free Revolution: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Losing Wheat, Reclaiming Your Health, And Eating Happily Ever After” by Jax Peters Lowell offers a variety of recipes and information to pave the way to a gluten free life.

“Recipe For Relief” by RefluxMD is a book specifically targeted for people with Acid Reflux (GERD). The book includes recipes and dietary information.

The library has purchased a variety of holiday dvds and books (both adult and children selections). Feel free to check them out for some additional holiday cheer.