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Pat writes:

How many photos will fit on a 16GB flash drive? I have 27,000 photos I want to back up. I am 72 and not tech-savvy.

Great question, Pat. The truth is that number will vary depending on the size of the photos, but here are some general guidelines from the folks at SanDisk. They make a lot of memory storage devices, so they ought to know.

For Compressed JPEG at 100% quality, you can expect this many images per disk or card. The larger the image, the more space it takes up.

Photo Compressed







For Uncompressed RAW images, expect this many per card.

Photo Raw







As you can see, you would need probably a 128 GB flash drive or two 64 GB drives. For this many files, you might consider just buying an external hard drive dedicated to backing up your photos. This would also leave you room to add additional photos later on.

~ Cynthia


Hard Drive Locking Ransomware

Researchers at Trend Micro are alerting computer users to a scary new type of ransomware called PETYA Crypto-ransomware.
Ransomware is a form of malware that locks the files on your PC and demands payment to unlock those files. Of course, you can’t be sure if the crooks who locked your files will actually unlock them, even if you pay the ransom.
They’ve recently been targeting hospitals and managed to actually shut a couple down by encrypting patient medical records until the hospitals forked over a ransom. Who knows how much private information these crooks made off with.


This new ransomware doesn’t settle for just encrypting your files. It locks your hard drive and prevents your system from booting up at all.
Instead of seeing Windows, you’ll see a screen with a skull and crossbones. This malware overwrites the master boot record and locks users out.
Most ransomware disguises itself in e-mails or by directing you to malicious websites. PETYA comes from a cloud storage site. Crooks send what looks like a legitimate job application or other innocent-looking e-mail with a link to Dropbox.


According to Trend Micro, the Dropbox folder contains a self-extracting file and a photo. The Trojan virus in the self-extracting file takes out your Antivirus and then downloads an executable file.

The user will boot up to a screen demanding payment. This particular bit of malware also takes out your ability to start the PC in safe mode. You’ll receive a list of instructions asking for around $400 in ransom.

Oh, and if you don’t pay up right away, the price continues to rise. Trend Micro contacted Dropbox, and they removed that particular file. But as you know, crooks and scammers are quick on their feet and no doubt have many other such files up in the cloud and ready to go.

Your best defense is a good offense. So make sure to have up-to-date virus and malware protection in place at all time.

Be extremely cautious about clicking on links in e-mails. And, of course, always have your important files backed up.


How Many Versions Of Windows 10?
We recently talked about the multiple versions of both Windows 7 and Windows 8. So how many versions of Windows 10 can we expect to see? Drum roll please…. SIX!

Windows 10 Home will be the consumer -focused desktop edition for PCs and Tablets.
Windows 10 Pro is for desktops and tablets, but has extra features to meet the needs of small businesses.
Windows 10 Enterprise is designed for medium to large organizations and will be available to volume licensing customers.
Window 10 Education is designed for schools and students and will also offer volume licensing.
Windows 10 Mobile will be for smartphones and small tablets.
Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise is for smartphones and tablets in a business settings.
All of these versions should be capable of running “Universal Apps,” which means that you should be able to access the same program from your phone or tablet that you do from your PC with the only real changes being the display. Windows 10 should be available to the public in late summer.
~ Cynthia