Did you know that the adult New York Times Best Seller List of the 50 most popular books  rates these Teen fiction books among their best.

                  #1                                    #3                                #5

The movie ‘Divergent is already out in theaters and it is a winner!  Be sure to read the book if you haven’t yet!



The Amazing Spider Man 2 comes out in theaters on May 2.  We have a wide variety of  comic books to get you in the mood before the show!


#4 making the list –

The movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘ comes out in theaters on Friday, June 6th.  


#10 making the list –

The movie ‘The Book Thief‘ already played in theaters and will out on DVD April 8th.


*News Scoop -  These popular Teen books will  also be out in theaters in 2014.*


The MAZE RUNNER has 1000+ 5-star  ratings on  the Amazon review


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